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The 'Expert Advice Center' Management Team solves the task of creating a pan-regional leader in business consulting, business design, marketing, communications and PR. Our team has been working in the market of political and business consulting, PR and GR of the Russian Far East since 2012. In 2018, we opened an office in Moscow and launched the first international projects in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.


The effective communication with potential partners and investors. The search for the promising niches and investment proposals.


The preparation and implementation of strategies for presence at Russian and international relevant events. Providing GR at events, maintaining representative functions. The development of a placement strategy and preparation of the materials for presentation at key business forums in Russia and the Pacific region.


The interaction with the media and social networks (PR), public authorities (GR). Work with the opinion leaders and the stars. Conferences and workshops.


The self-maded analytical materials on preferential investment regimes in the Far East of Russia and in the Asia-Pacific Region countries. Databases for making business decisions. Development of the promotion strategies in the Far East of Russia and in the Pacific region. Search for market niches, marketing research.


  • Engagement with gov'ts
  • Project packaging
  • Organization of business contacts
  • Advertising and PR campaigns


Any project is the result of the work of several teams: the customer, the performer, and the contractors. Our clients are:

  • Medium and large business in the regions: participation in events, promotion in open markets;
  • Medium business in the Moscow and other western regions of Russia;
  • Business representatives from the Asia-Pacific region, solving the problems of their presence in the Far East of Russia;
  • Federal, regional and municipal authorities;
  • Public institutions, voluntary & civil sociaty organizations, social movements, Far East regional brand projects, political parties, etc.


At one time we tried to achieve success separately, each in his own sphere: in the public service, in advertising, journalism and PR. Having united, we were convinced that in order to achieve the most effective result, it's necessary to cover many spheres at once.

Dmitrii Shcherbakov

Dmitrii Shcherbakov

Managing Partner

Russian journalist since 2006, political and economic observer, public figure, businessman. Head of the Far East editorial team of the Russian daily newspaper “Kommersant” (2011-2016). Editor-in-chief of the Russian news & analytical agency “EastRussia” (2017-2019). Managing partner of the “Expert Advice Center” (PR & GR, Moscow). Managing partner of the International news & analytical agency “Pan Pacific Agency” (Moscow-Vladivostok) and Communication agency for Asia-Pacific region “Pan Pacific Agency”. Co-founder of the Russian autonomous non-profit organization “Far Eastern Agency for the Development of Internet Security” (also DARIB, Khabarovsk). Member of the International Federation of Journalists. The official blog on


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